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Web Portal

One of the few true fully web based accounting suites based on Web 2.0 technology. All TNZ Group's customers utilize the Web portal for account administration.

  • Integrated with the Web Portal, the accounting suite is a true multi-currency, multi-language, multi-shop web based engine.
  • Designed around TNZ Group's proprietary web development engine, the accounting suite is based on HTML, Java Script, PHP using a SQL database server. Designed from the ground up, we use no 3rd party plug-in development tools to ensure a fast effective response.
  • Supports full Shop mode (allows 3rd party companies to frame off and use the Web Portal & Accounting as their own)
  • Automated purchasing with prepay accounts
  • Automated account sign up with automated multi currency credit card top up.
  • Credit limits and prepay cost estimation
  • Time zone aware, shows all transactions in viewers local time
  • Modules include:
    • Debtors
    • Invoicing
    • Order Processing
    • Creditors
    • General Ledger
    • Banking - statement import and posting to General Ledger
    • To do work lists (CRM style)
  • Multi browser support
  • Invoices & statements are template based and create output for fax, e-mail and print with an archive for customers to view copies using the Web portal at any time.
  • Overdue accounts are sent reminders on either each Monday or the 18th of the month with an account summary
  • Direct Debits are automated with an extraction and upload to the bank. The corresponding receipting of the Direct Debit batch is a one click process.
  • Credit Card monthly debiting is an automated process with an extraction and API interface to the credit card processing facility. Receipting is an automated response based on the API result returned.
  • Customers create their own accounts (set as prepay) and top up their own account via credit cards. Transactions are priced until the account has used up the available credit at which time they are advised and required to top up their account.
  • In the creation process the customer can choose whatever Inbound service they require and select an available number or request that a number be ported.
  • All available with the 3rd parties look and feel web interface, so it appears to the 3rd parties customers that they are logging in directly to the 3rd parties web site and viewing their transactions, accounting data and making payments.