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Other Solutions

  • InetFileTransfer
    • Move files fast, automatically and securely around the internet without requiring a VPN.

      Small footprint, Windows service or application, InetFileTransfer is a bi-directional file transfer application that monitors local input directories and moves files to remote IP addresses with the option to overwrite the file if it exists or create a unique file. Setup permits the maximum number of threads available for the bandwidth to ensure the fastest possible transfer speeds both ways. The protocol ensures that all file parts are transferred and re-gets on any failed parts saving on full file resends.

      Monitoring multiple directories across the internet forming a mesh transfer with all transfers logged.

  • WanPrint
    • Facility for moving large print files via a WAN to remote printers. Uses Windows/Unix existing Print subsystem to create files and then compresses these files, transfers the files using InetFileTransfer to the remote location, decompresses the file and copies the file to the printer. This can save over 60% of the bandwidth and increases printer throughput.

  • XML-2-PS
    • Was created as a replacement for applications like Crystal Reports, in that the requirement was to take large amounts of XML data and create Invoices & Purchase Orders via postscript templates and have these copied to the postscript printers. Besides the price the main advantage was speed to create the postscript so that the printers were able to run at full speed.

  • Security Alert
    • One of the major issues for an IT Manager is how to be advised if there is an issue with one of the main servers (Web, Mail, FTP etc.) There are many applications that will do this within a LAN/WAN but not externally. i.e. the Mail Server may be up, but not accessible from a remote location. The TelecomAUS Security Alert service monitors specified IP addresses and will TXT the IT Manager if there is an issue. If the manager suspects that there is an issue they can TXT an alert check with the IP address to get a status report.

  • Email Archiving
    • To complete the suite TelecomAUS are implementing an e-mail archiving option, so that all correspondence where required is archived. Faxes sent & received, B-2-B postal sent, Voice Mail received, CDR's of phone calls made or received, email sent or received. And all is available on the web portal for display and download.