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Tolls & Toll Free Services

Lowering the cost of doing business.

What is TelecomAUS Toll Services?

As TelecomAUS purchase millions of minutes each month for the sending of faxes and the sending of voice calls we are able to extend these rates to our customers to enjoy low rates for toll calls.

Tolls Only Option:

This is a premium service and does not use VOIP allowing you to use your existing telephone at home or at work to make low cost toll calls. Telecom / Telstra / your ISP will still invoice you for the line rental, but TelecomAUS will invoice you for your toll charges on the same invoice as your messaging services.

Toll Free Services Option:

Your existing 1300 numbers can be "ported" to TelecomAUS or we can allocate you a new 1300 number. The number can still terminate at you office or home line or they can be connected to TelecomAUS's "Link.a.Number". This will give the Toll Free Number the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) smarts to make your Toll Free number work better for you.

Typical Rates (excluding GST):
8c  Australia 28c  Australia Mobile 8c  Canada 8c  USA
8c  NZ 25c  NZ Mobile 8c  United Kingdom 8c  Denmark
8c  China 8c  China Mobile 8c  Germany 8c  Hong Kong
8c  Japan 8c  Switzerland 8c  Singapore 8c  Netherlands
$15 minimum spend per toll account
Please call or email us for rates to a specific country if not listed

Typical Toll Free (1300) Rates (excluding GST):
8c  National Call 28c  Australia Mobile Call
$15 minimum spend per month per toll free number
Please call or email us for more information

Why use TelecomAUS Toll Services?....
  • One invoice for all your faxing, messaging and phone calls.
  • Simple accounting: invoicing is electronic. Login and view what & when calls were made, the call price and download the call details to Excel.
  • No hidden costs - pay only for the calls you make.
  • No account or signup fees, you can cancel at any time.

How it works:
  • TelecomAUS will complete your application form and send this to your current toll provider. Within 3-5 days you will be notified and be using TelecomAUS toll Services.
  • You are able to use the Web Portal to login and view/search all calls made.
  • There is no cost to change toll providers.
  • Your existing phone numbers do not change.
  • There is no change in the way you dial your toll calls.
  • Pricing is calculated on the first 60 seconds then per second thereafter.