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TFone Number Requirements

There are a few requirements to consider when using a TFone Number:

A Broadband Internet Connection:

We recommend that you use a capable internet connection (ADSL / Fibre / UNS) as it is the primary path for your phone calls. Should this become overloaded, you may miss calls and call quality will drop significantly.

VOIP Equipment:

TFone customers are encouraged to use VoIP / SIP software and hardware that complies with the SIP 2.0 (rfc 3261) protocol.
Common VoIP / SIP equipment includes devices such as softphones, IP Phones, USB Headsets, IP PBX Software, etc.

Below is a list of VoIP / SIP software and hardware that has been successfully tested with the TFone Service :

  X-lite:     http://www.counterpath.com
  QuteCom:    http://www.qutecom.com
  Asterisk:   http://www.asterisk.org
  FreeSWITCH: http://www.freeswitch.org
VOIP Hardware:
  Linksys:    http://www.linksys.co.nz  (Routers and IP Phones)
  Cisco:      http://www.cisco.co.nz    (VoIP Equipment and IP Phones)
  Polycom:    http://www.polycom.co.nz  (Voice Products)

Please let us know if any details on this page are inaccurate and/or missing. Feel free to inform us of any devices that have successfully worked with the TFone Service.