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TFone Number Features

Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VOIP Service )

You can add extra lines to receive and send calls without having additional physical landline(s). TFone Numbers can be added if you have access to the internet and any software/hardware that has Voice over Internet capabilities.

Take your voicemail ( Voice to Email / Voice to Web Service )

You can record your own voicemail message for callers to hear when they call your TFone Number. When a call is answered, we will record their voice message (for up to three minutes) and email the voice recording to you.

Call Routing ( Call Diversion / Call Forwarding )

Any received calls to a TFone Number can be forwarded to your landline / mobile / international number - For example, if a call is made to your TFone Number, TelecomAUS's TFone server will accept the call and it will forward calls to your specified number (Domestic and/or International). These numbers can be controlled from our website and feature competitive prices.

Call Menus

Does your organisation need a voice system that allows the caller to choose from a list of options? The TFone Number system can do this all for you, and more.

When we receive a call and your number is in menu mode, we will play a default greeting message (typically something similar to 'Press 1 for Accounts, Press 2 for Sales and 3 for Support' etc). While this is happening, the TFone Server is listening for a tone matching your Call Menu profile (this can be configured using your TFone Number settings).

You are also able to have sub-menus off the initial greeting menu to create an in-depth menu system that many large corporates use today.

TFone Number Profiles

A profile allows you to lay out a timesheet of what your number should do at certain times of the day/days of the week. This can be great for setting up your number to automatically switch from one mode to another. This can be configured using your website login or with the aid of a TelecomAUS staff member.

So what happens if I don't want to receive calls after a certain time? (e.g. 5pm)

Easy! You can set up a profile with your number. Inside your profile, you can dictate what your number will do at certain times of the day / days of the week. This eliminates the need to constantly toggle your Voicemail on and off.

A TFone Number profile can be especially beneficial when your TFone Number is set to Route Mode during office hours and Voice Mode outside office hours. So if anyone calls between 5pm and 9am, we'll play your voicemail greeting message and record any voicemail they leave left. Come 9am on a weekday, your profile can automatically change to Route Mode. When in this mode we may push any calls through to firstly ring your house phone for 30seconds, if there's no answer we'll then ring your mobile. If we still can't connect to you, we'll ask them to leave you a voicemail. Once 5pm comes and it's time to go home, your number will automatically change back to Voice Mode and record any voicemail.

Caller Profiling

If you have an important customer who you would like to always receive calls from, or even a number you NEVER want to receive calls from - these can be set up using Profile Overrides. An override will ignore what your current profile is set to do. Simply enter the persons number, then select whether you want to reject or accept all calls from that number.

Music on Hold / Messages on Hold

When a call is dialling or on hold, play a personalised voice message or music of your own.
Play an advertisement while you have the caller's attention or give them soothing music when calling a complaints line.

Real-time call logs

View real time call logs from our website. Simply sign-in to your TelecomAUS Account and search for call logs! Your will see information such as the callers number, time and date of the call and duration of the call. You can even download these logs for your own reports!