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TFone MultiLine Requirements

There are a few requirements to consider when using a TFone MultiLine:

A Broadband Internet Connection:

We recommend that you use a capable internet connection (ADSL / Fibre / UNS) as it is the primary path for your phone calls. Should this become overloaded, you may miss calls and call quality will drop significantly.

Maximum number of concurrent calls:

You can add as many as concurrent calls as you wish with the TFone MultiLine service but please keep in mind that you will need to have enough internet bandwidth to ensure concurrent calls retain call quality.

An ordinary ADSL link provides 3-4 reliable concurrent calls on G.711 ulaw codecs. In order to increase the number of concurrent calls, either you'll have to use more compressed codecs (such as speex, GSM, etc. G.729 is not supported) or use a fibre / UNS link to increase your internet bandwidth.

VOIP Equipment:

TFone customers are encouraged to use VoIP / SIP software and hardware that complies with the SIP 2.0 (rfc 3261) protocol.
Common VoIP / SIP equipment includes devices such as softphones, IP Phones, USB Headsets, IP PBX Software, etc.

Below is a list of VoIP / SIP software and hardware that has been successfully tested with the TFone Service :

  X-lite:     http://www.counterpath.com
  QuteCom:    http://www.qutecom.com
  Asterisk:   http://www.asterisk.org
  FreeSWITCH: http://www.freeswitch.org
VOIP Hardware:
  Linksys:    http://www.linksys.co.nz  (Routers and IP Phones)
  Cisco:      http://www.cisco.co.nz    (VoIP Equipment and IP Phones)
  Polycom:    http://www.polycom.co.nz  (Voice Products)

Please let us know if any details on this page are inaccurate and/or missing. Feel free to inform us of any devices that have successfully worked with the TFone Service.