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TFone MultiLine Features
TFone MultiLine has all the aspects of the TFone Number service, with some added features:

Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VOIP Service )

Why pay $50+ per month/per line on your physical landlines?
If you have enough internet bandwidth to carry the voice over the Internet and if you would like to cut the maintenance cost, TFone Trunk Service is the answer for you.

More then 1 concurrent calls on a single TFone Number ( Trunk Service )

TelecomAUS will provide 1 concurrent call for start with and you can add more concurrent calls on the TFone Numbers depends on your requirements. You can add as many as you can but please remember that your call quality can be varied depends on your internet bandwidth capacity.

No more physical boundaries

If you set to allow authorisations over the Internet on your in-house IP PBX, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the World if you have access to Internet. It means now you don't have to be physically represented in the office to receive calls without having call diversion or call forwarding.

Build & Maintain your own in-house PBX system

Build your own in-house PBX system by using open source IP PBX softwares such as Asterisk (http://www.asterisk.org) or FreeSWITCH (http://www.freeswitch.org). IP PBX softwares enable you to build advanced in-house PBX features such as call conference, call parking, your own voicemail, IVRs and more features.

Real-time call logs

View real-time call logs from our website. Simply login into our website, search for call logs. It will give you such information like who called(phone number), date & time and duration of the transmission. Moreover, you can download these call logs in CSV format, you can load into your database & make your own reports!