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TFone Products & Services
Modern Telephone Technology based on VoIP

Since Alexander Bell patented the telephone in 1876m it has dominated the way we do business.
Without it, how are your customers going to contact you?

But futurists have always said the internet would soon be the most important tool in business...
      What if we said the future was here?

Introducing TFone, our revolutionary VOIP / SIP telephone service.

No longer are today's businesses tied to a dedicated phone line. TFone can offer your existing number over a broadband connection! Make and answer your calls from anywhere - from a mobile phone, a roaming netbook, a laptop in a flight lounge, even from home on your personal computer!

Sign Up today! - ditch your physical line and its restrictions for a TFone number! It acts just like your existing phone number but calls are picked up and forwarded from our TFone Server.
Better yet, with TFone MultiLine, a single phone number can make and receive unlimited concurrent calls* - imagine receiving five calls at once from one number!
Need to change premises often? Don't bother with the hassle of changing phone lines and companies. Switch to us and we will be your VoIP provider, anywhere!

Note: For large companies with multiple concurrent calls (trunks) and a wide range of extensions, a dedicated IP PBX and Internet Connection is recommended.

TFone Products & Services: