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Number Portability Features

What this means for existing Fax lines:

If you currently have a dedicated fax number that you rarely use and paying for a full line rental, plus the power and consumable costs, Link.A.Number is ideal for you. You will currently be paying on average $50-$60 per month.

TelecomAUS can port your fax number for you reducing the cost to $10 per month, plus transaction costs. So in most situations you will lower your costs and obtain the following benefits:
  • Receive your faxes as a PDF file attached to an e-mail
  • Be able to also view your faxes using an Internet Browser
  • Flag certain faxes as spam so that you do not receive them
  • Never busy fax, receive 100's of faxes at the same time

What about my existing fax machine:

The most common option is to connect your fax machine to an extension or to the primary phone line and turn off the auto answer mode. This way you can still send paper based faxes using the main line. Note the TelecomAUS fax sending service will send any electronic faxes.

What this means when you move locations:

If you move locations within the same exchange, in most cases you can keep the same numbers. However if you move outside that area, or nationally or even internationally keeping the advertised numbers becomes a problem. TelecomAUS can port your main advertised numbers, so that they can still be used as before and link them as required (fax / voice). This saves you the costs of having to re-advertise your numbers and the cost of reproducing letterheads, brochures etc.

The numbers now become a part of the "Link.A.Number" family so you get all the benefits and additional options that "Link.A.Number" offer.