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Number Portability

TelecomAUS can port your existing telephone numbers to our data center which simply means we 'take over' your number and handle the calls for you.

If we port a number for you, your costs can be greatly reduced as you're not having to pay the monthly line rental - we do!
This also means you can can now use any features of TelecomAUS's Link.A.Number services with your existing phone number!

Your callers will never have busy or engaged tones. TelecomAUS has hundreds of lines to receive faxes and voice calls for you.

Service Locations

TelecomAUS has introduced their services for ported numbers in the following areas:
Number Portability Service Areas
Sydney Adelaid Brisbane
Melbourne Perth Major NZ Cities

Legals - Informed Consent

Please note when porting a number, that you are Porting a Number from your existing Service Provider to Telecommunications Australia Pty Limited.

You may continue to have outstanding obligations to the existing carrier and it is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of its existing contracts relating to the Numbers being ported.

By Porting the Number, any existing service(s) associated with that Number will be disconnected from the existing carrier and may result in finalisation of your account for that service.

By Porting the Number, any services associated with that Number might not be able to be supported by Telecommunications Australia Pty Limited.