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Monitoring Service

Cost effective off-site monitoring system

Do you or your business required a monitoring facility to monitor your servers?
Want to get notified as soon as servers are out of order by SMS/TXTs?

TelecomAUS Monitoring Service is a cost effective low setup and low maintence SMS/TXT monitoring system. With a small monthly fee we will monitor your servers for you without any additional software / hardwares installed at your site.

Simply apply for a Monitoring service from us and log in into our web portal, you can configure IP Address or Domain Name, period, number of tries and the port number to monitor. Since then our Monitoring Server will start monitor your server(s).


Monitoring Service required to configure the following settings from our Web Portal:
  • Public accessible IP Address or DNS - ie: www.telecomaus.com.au or xxx.xx.xx.xx (IP Address)
  • Port Number - ie: 80 for web service, 22 for SSH service
  • Interval - How often we have to check
  • Retry Interval - How often check your server if check failed
  • Email Address - Email Address(es) to receive notifications
  • Mobile Number - Mobile phone number(s) to receive notifications

How it works:

TelecomAUS Monitoring Service is based on a server's public IP address or DNS record, our Monitoring server will check the port based on periods that you have configured. The following is how it works:
  • Monitoring server checks your server based on IP/DNS and Port number
  • If Success wait for specified interval for next check
  • If Failed wait for specified retry interval and retry
  • If it reaches specified number of retries, sends Email or SMS notification
  • Keep checking the failed server until it comes back online
  • If the server comes back, send another notification to indicate it is up & running

  • Setup Fee - $5.00 + GST/TAX (One off fee)
  • Monthly Fee - $10.00 + GST/TAX per month (No. of servers: No limit)
  • Notification Fee - $0.20 + GST/TAX per SMS; $0.05 + GST/TAX per Email