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Your Number... Your Rules...
Link.A.Number  Features

The Virtual PBX : Find out why our Link.A.Number is a true multifunctional personal assistant that never gets it wrong!

Best of all - Your Link.A.Number can easily be configured from your Online TelecomAUS Account or right from your mobile phone!

Call Routing and Follow-Me-Calling ( Call Diversion / Call Forwarding )
Any received calls to Link.A.Number can be forwarded to your landline, mobile, international number or straight to your Voicemail.
Call Menus ( IVR / Touch Tone Dialling )
Do you need a way to direct callers to the right operator?
Link.A.Number supports the popular IVR service, previously offered only by large switched networks - we can do it for free! Link.A.Number will ask the caller to follow your specified commands.
Call Profiles ( Time of Day / Day of Week )
If you know where you usually are each day of each week, why not tell your phone number?
That way, if you know you'll be out of the office for lunch between 11:30am and 12:30pm, your Link.A.Number personal assistant knows how to contact you! Most callers can go straight to Voicemail, while the special callers (your spouse, children, boss) will be forwarded to your mobile!
Conversation Recording ( Automatic Recording of all phone calls )
This manually enabled option allows automatic recording of all phone calls and conversations to your Link.A.Number! When the call is ended, you will be asked whether Link.A.Number should save the message or discard it.
All recordings can be viewed from your Online TelecomAUS Account, or emailed to you on a regular basis! Excellent for verbal contracts or caller disputes.
Personalised Routing and Voicemail ( Change Profiles based on the caller's number - Voice to Email
/ Voice to Web)
Link.A.Number offers a Personalised Routing Service. This means that various numbers can be specified to do different things, depending on your Link Profile.

E.g. while I'm at work (between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday) all missed calls to my work line are forwarded to my cell phone. Outside these hours, forward to Company Voicemail.
A Personalised Voicemail is also available - whereby different callers are given a separate Voicemail message. Your partner may get the "Hi Honey...", whereas friends and family get the "I'm at work right now..." and business associates get the "Unable to get to the phone...".
Receive your Faxes ( Fax to Email / Fax to Web )
If your Link.A.Number is set to "Fax Only Mode", it will issue the standard CNG tone used for fax transmissions. Any faxes received will be emailed to you.
Real-Time Call Logs ( Up-to-the-minute logging of calls and callers online )
View real time call logs from our website. Simply sign-in to your TelecomAUS Account and search for call logs! Your will see information such as the callers number, time and date of the call and duration of the call. You can even download these logs for your own reports!
Music and Messages on Hold ( Advertising while on hold / Music on Hold / Messages on Hold / MOH )
When a call is dialling or on hold, play a personalised voice message or music of your own.
Play an advertisement while you have the caller's attention or give them soothing music when calling a complaints line.