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Link.A.Number  FAQs

What happens to my existing number?
    There are a few options.
  • Port your number to us:   This means that we will essentially take over your number. There is a one-time porting fee to do this. It is the cheapest option, as line rentals will be as little as $10 while you still keep your existing number.

  • Use Call Divert Immediate or Call Divert Busy services provided from telco:   Call Divert costs an additional fees from your telco and will cause any received phone calls to be diverted to your Link.A.Number. You still pay your telco for the phone rental and the call diversion costs.

  • Sign Up for a new number from TelecomAUS:   Pricing on new numbers vary. Feel free to contact our friendly sales team at any stage to enquire about a new number and the lastest pricing from TelecomAUS.

Do I need any special software or hardware?
No, our Link.A.Number runs on a normal telephone network (PSTN). You will only be required to provide the Links in the chain (i.e. the Mobile number or Home phone number etc).

I would like to divert Australina inbound calls to other countries. Is it possible?
Yes, no problem! Link.A.Number can divert calls to anywhere in the World! See the Pricing page for further information.

Which Local Area Codes can TelecomAUS provide?
TelecomAUS can provide Local Dial numbers or use Number Portability in these areas:
  • (02) Sydney
  • (08) Adelaide
  • (07) Brisbane
  • (03) Melbourne
  • (08) Perth
  • Most New Zealand cities
  •       New Zealand localities are added often. Contact Us for any updates.
TelecomAUS can also provide toll free numbers for both Australia and New Zealand.