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Click2Call Service How it works

How does it work?

1. Web site visitor clicks on the 'Click2Call' icon/button.
2. The visitor enters their phone number details and clicks 'Call Now'.
3. Their phone will ring after 1~3 seconds.
4. If they pick up, they are invited to hold until they get connected to you.
5. You will be called and be connected with that visitor.
6. As you pick up, the conversation begins.

Is Click2Call an Internet telephony (VoIP) service?

NO - Click2Call uses the Internet only to send a packet containing a callback request to the service, which then uses digital telephone lines and the regular PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to connect you and your customer.

Can I have more than one Click2Call button on my web site?

YES - By inserting multiple buttons into your web site, different types of inquiries can be routed to different telephone numbers or extensions.

What is involved to add Click2Call to my web site?

Simply insert a few lines of HTML code to your web site, which we provide. Our technical support department can assist you with this. See the Sample option to see the different ways in which the Call2Call feature can be enabled.