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Click2Call Service

Is your business looking for an effective way to get in touch with your website visitors?
The Click2Call Service is an ideal solution for website visitors to contact you directly from your website!
Visitors only have to click on the 'Click2Call' icon/button and enter their phone numbers for a phone call to one of your staff!

This is fantastic if you have products/services for sale on your website that clients may have questions about or an application form that has some tricky questions.

It is also a quick, simple & smart way for a potential customer to get in contact with you, with minimal effort. No more copying down telephone numbers, waiting in call-queues or getting an engaged signal.

If your number is busy, we can step to another, then another - if it's outside business hours ask them to leave a voicemail!

You can then log into our website and view call details and even download the conversation you had with that client.

Does Click2Call use VOIP?

No - the TelecomAUS Click2Call Service uses the public switched telephone network (PSTN network) to provide the most reliable and highest quality service quality to our clients.

How easy is it to connect?

The implementation is very easy. We will simply email you the appropriate file, which your web design company will embed into your website. This only takes a few minutes. You can choose the design and wording of the Click2Call frame.

How do I find out more & sign up?

Easy! Click 2 Call us by entering your phone number from left-hand side click2call panel!