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>>  Outlook Connector for MDaemon - Outlook integration Solution for MDaemon
OutlookConnector for MDaemon

Outlook folder sharing and centralised storage? ...it's easy with Outlook Connector.

Comprehensive Outlook integration without requiring an Exchange Server

Although Outlook is a fully supported email client for use with MDaemon, many users believe that its inbuilt collaboration features can only be 'unlocked' when used in conjunction with an expensive and complex Exchange Server - this is no longer the case.

Outlook Connector is an easy to install plug-in which unlocks these features in Outlook for use with MDaemon - features such as calendar and contact folder sharing, meeting scheduling, 'out of office' auto-responders, centralised data storage and offline working - all without the requirement for Exchange Server.

On networks where Outlook is heavily used, Outlook Connector makes MDaemon a sensible investment in comparison to the costs associated with running an Exchange Server. Organisations value the proven reliability and feature-set of MDaemon over the potentially expensive 'vendor lock-in' that Exchange Server offers.

Easy installation and configuration:

Outlook Connector can be installed and configured in just a few moments on an existing MDaemon installation. MDaemon itself can also be installed and configured in just a few minutes - far far quicker and easier than a similar Exchange Server based installation which can take hours and can require extensive configuration.

Server based storage of Outlook profile data:

Outlook Connector enabled users store all their Outlook data including email, calendar, contact, task and notes folders centrally on the MDaemon server. This makes backups easier and more reliable whilst removing the need for potentially troublesome local PST files. For performance and compatibility reasons Outlook Connector maintains a local cache on each user's PC - these cache files do not require backing up.

Ability to access public folders such as Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes etc:

Centralised server based 'public folders' can easily be created and managed - each folder having its own permissions based access control. Perfect for central shared Calendar, Contacts and Tasks folders.

Ability to share personal folders with other users:

Outlook Connector enabled users can share their own personal folders for access by other members in the organisation or access other's folders which have been shared for access by them. Again, permissions on each shared folder can be carefully and easily controlled directly from within Outlook.

Web based access for remote users:

When outside the office, users are able to access their Outlook data by logging into MDaemon's sophisticated webmail interface. This interface provides an 'Outlook-a-like' interface accessible from popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.