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Archive Server Download

This download will provide you with a fully functional 30-day trial, along with a trial key. To purchase Archive Server for MDaemon and receive a registered key, please click here.

Download Options
There are 2 different downloads, one that contains a database server (MSDE) and one without one. If you already have a Database server such as SQL, Archive server can use this for all of its database work. Using a database server such as MySQL is strongly recommended for larger sites, as the MSDE database server can only hold 2 GB of data. The list of supported Database server is below:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7 or 2000
  • Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) 7 or 2000
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher

Please choose carefully when selecting your download below:

Latest release

Archive Server for MDaemon
Version: 3.2.6